WordPress Plugin for Live Icecast Info

WordPress Plugin for Live Icecast Info

Few years ago I wrote a simple plugin for WordPress which allows to show Icecast live information on your WordPress website. The plugin uses shortcodes and parses all embedded servers at the time and creates a single Ajax call to get data for the embedded servers. The Plugin uses “status.xsl” page on Icecast server so any custom solutions might not work. Now this plugin’s source code is very simple so any developer can understand it and modify it for their own use. Data is also live updated every 20 seconds. There is no license so you can distribute, use and modify the plugin as much as you want.

How to use?

The usage is pretty easy and simple. First install and activate the plugin. After installation simply use this shortcode on any page you want:

[iceinfo url="http://defikon.com:8000" mount="prahec.320k.mp3" show="streamtitle,streamdesc,streamurl,codec,bitrate,listeners,peaks,genre,nowplaying"]

This will output following:

Stream TitlePaul Oakenfold - This is Trance
Description:  Prahec Demo Radio Stream
Codec: audio/mpeg
Bitrate: 320
Current Listeners: 0
Peak Listeners: 3


This plugin also has options of what data you wish to display. If you noticed in shortcode there is a “show=””” attribute which allows you to delete/edit name of variables you wish to display. These are based on my own naming so you will need to come here to view the parameters. The URL attribute points to Icecast server URL (root directory) while the mount attribute is used to mount you wish to display. The URL/MOUNT are required parameters without the script won’t work or it could even fail.

There is also Buddy Press integration but I won’t offer documentation for that. Please read the script (requires PHP knowledge) to understand what I am talking about.

Download / Use

I zipped the plugin for easier download/usage so click link bellow to initiate download.
The installation is simple, just download and extract the zip to your “plugins” folder.

DOWNLOAD: Icecast-Streaminfo V1.1


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