This is my first project which was all me. It started as a simple sharing of dedicated server resources with friends to full-scale gaming servers hosting provider. N1Servers was also hosting websites, mail, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo servers, but the primary focus was being the cheapest and most feature-rich provider. I was focused on various locations across the world with the best possible latency networks with premium network traffic for the best possible pings and gameplay experience.

This extremely valuable project gave me a great push into IT and Development. I have learned PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux (CentOS and Debian), Networking concepts with TCP/UDP/iptables, Postfix, Sendmail, PayPal APIs, TCAdmin, basic C and C++, Bash scripting, Lua scripting, and many more skills that I still use today.

  • Project started: 27th June 2007
  • Project completed: 26th November 2011 - 4 yrs 4 mos

Front-end PHP MySQL Apache Linux Systems TCAdmin