HTML5 Radio Station Player

Is a long term project which has been improved multiple times. It includes Multi-server Shoutcast & Icecast Stats PHP Class to parse current playing track and its playtime. Currently the script supports Icecast & Shoutcast (Tested on Latest Versions).


- Easy to Configure and Deploy
- Based on JPlayer (HTML5 & Flash Fall back)
- Uses Last FM to get Artist Image
- It includes 12$ worth PHP Class Multiserver Shoutcast & Icecast Stats PHP Class
- Allows users to customize experience (Flash on/off, Autostart on/off, Background, Change Stream Quality (multi-stream setup))
- Uses CSS3 Transitions where possible
- Creates Play-list files on the fly from configured streams
- Best Deployed as POPUP or IFRAME, so your listeners can keep browsing your site while listening
- And many more...