Internet Radio Player

Is a long term project which has been improved multiple times. It includes Multi-server Shoutcast & Icecast Stats PHP Class to parse current playing track and its playtime. Script can parse current playing track from Shoutcast, Icecast or SAM Broadcaster (MySQL). It is responsive with limitation of 360px in width (minimum screen size).


- Easy to customize and deploy (Setup script included)
- Based on JPlayer (HTML5 & Flash Fall back)
- Uses Last FM and iTunes APIs to get artist image
- It includes 12$ worth PHP Class Multiserver Shoutcast & Icecast Stats PHP Class
- Allows your users to customize experience (Turn Flash on/off, Auto Play on/off, Change Color Scheme, Change Stream Quality (if you have multiple streams))
- Uses CSS3 Transitions where possible
- Uses fontAwesome to deliver scalable graphics for no quality loss on larger DPI displays
- Best Deployed as POPUP or IFRAME so your listeners can keep browsing your site while listening
- And many more...