AIO - Radio Station Player

Extremely customizable All-in-one Radio Station Player
Control Panel Demo | AIO Radio Demo

AIO - Radio Station Player comes with 3 pre-defined skins with option to compile your own.
Note: AAC codec is officially not supported.

  • Responsive
  • HTML5 Audio API with Flash Fallback
  • Multi-channel(s) with per channel options
  • Multi-bitrate – stream quality selection
  • Developed using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 & SVG
  • LastFM, EchoNest and iTunes API support
  • History - Based on listen history (optional)
  • Extensive Control Panel
  • Optimized for High Performance
  • and many, many more...

Supported API's

  • Direct Stream Direct Stream
  • Shoutcast Shoutcast
  • Icecast Icecast
  • SAM Broadcaster SAM BC
  • Centovacast Centovacast
  • Radionomy Radionomy

Browsers supported

  • Chrome Chrome 9+
  • Firefox Firefox 4+
  • IE IE 9+
  • Opera Opera 12.1+
  • Safari Safari 5.1+
  • Mobile Safari Safari 6.1+
  • Android Android 2.3+

Demo in a POPUP window

Open AIO Radio Station Player

I highly recommend using popup window for player deployment/embedding, reasons why:

  • Mobile/Tablet devices open player in new tab/window and that activates responsive mode
  • If a listener uses popup on your website, they can keep browsing the website listening to music
  • The player was designed for popup usage in mind, meaning it may look best in the popup window

Demos using IFRAME

This demo is set to automatic width which means its not in its optimal width. I suggest using 720px as width for deploying the player. Player is responsive so it will fit any size you set. More examples bellow.

HTML5 Player Template (auto width x 355pixels)

100% width x 78px height

365 x 365 pixels

Simple Template (360 x 475 pixels)


Player may work without the specified requirements bellow, but I do not offer support with those configurations. Use at your own risk!

  • PHP 5.3+ with CURL Extension
  • PHP CURL Extension must have access to configured port (E.g.: Shoutcast uses port 8000 by default)
  • MP3 based stream (OGG support in browsers is poor but can be used in combo)
  • For current artist / title you need one of supported API's (see docs)
  • LastFM API key for artist images (optional)
  • PHP ZipArchive extension for updates system (optional)