Envato & Codecanyon

In 29th April my most sold item AIO Radio Station was disabled from sale because "quality" review team, decided my item is no longer high quality. The reason was old libraries, not using "strict mode" and that my script did not use unique function names. To my knowledge in 16 years of development, these reasons have nothing to do with quality at standalone "app" that is not meant to be integrated in other systems where it may conflict, but to be embedded as iframe or a popup. The "app" in question, has literally no bugs reported at the moment and it is regularly updated.

I was selling on Envato for 8 years and after 8 years I received no warning, no information about policies beeing changed, nothing. My work was simply disabled with the statement, if you don't like it, go else where. I believe that is huge betrayal and so I decided to quit selling on Envato for good.

So, where can I purchase items?

As of now, my items are unavailable to purchase. However, I have in mind a way, a system, to make every thing available again without third parties dictating rules for specifics that have nothing to do with actual quality. But I do thank you for your interest. And if you like, you can use contact on my web page to get in touch with me anytime.